You Bet Your Life

"The Greatest rock star I ever had the privilege to present ...furthermore, if I was marooned on a desert island and the other person couldn't be a lady, I like it should be Groucho Marx. Voden?"
- Bill (Fillmore) Graham

"To write songs for Groucho Marx is a privilege and a pleasure. There will never be another Groucho, which I wish he could say about me. To know him is to love him and we've been rehearsing for 60 years. I am getting to know him. Groucho believes God is good, but the feeling isn't mutual."
- Harry Ruby

"There's Groucho, then there's all the rest."
- Sammy Davis, Jr.

"This album could make a big star out of Groucho Marx. There's nothing going to stop this kid."
- George Burns

"What can I say about Groucho? I wouldn't stoop that high."
- Oscar Levant.

"Groucho--You're okay in my book. but I just don't happen to have one on me.
- W.C. Fields

"My friend Groucho is the wickedest wit in the western world. I love him for that and also because he calls me 'big shot'."
- Carroll O'Conner

"I think Groucho Marx is the sweetest, kindest, warmest, gentlest, tenderest, the most patient, courteous, sympathetic, selfless man in the whole world --but then I could, of course, be mistaken about this."
- Nunnally Johnson

"The great Grouch is a grand guy, and this is a nifty disc."
- Terry Southern

"Groucho appeals on so many levels at once that you could go nuts trying to figure out whether it's the funny movement, the incomparable tone of voice, what he is saying, or that keenly witty face that hits you the hardest. I swear that if he never existed, we would sense a lack in the world of comedy, like that planet in the solar system that astronomers say Ought to be there.
For me he is The Master."
- Dick Cavett

"Ha Ha HaHa...Groucho Marx is the greatest entertainer of them all. Ha Ha haha haha..."
-Laurence Olivier

"Your portrait hangs on my wall next to W.B. Yeats. You are my most coveted pin-up. And I am your utmost admirer."
- T.S. Eliot

"Being Groucho's confidant is like having a key to the room in the Louvre Museum which houses the Mona Lisa.
Except I'm doing the smiling."
- Erin Fleming

"You're asking me to say something
nice about Groucho? Well!!
He deserves it. He plays the violin much better than Rubenstein!"
- Jack Benny

"Who is my favorite actor? Groucho, Chico, Harpo, and Zeppo.
Everybody else comes in fifth."
- George Bernard Shaw

"Groucho never said an unkind word to anybody--that is, except to me...
and we're pals, see."
- Edward G. Robinson

"I always loved brothers
who made records."
- The Brothers Smothers

"I refuse to write liner notes for this album
because I want to be alone."
- Greta Garbo

"Groucho Marx is the only actor I ever allowed to ad-lib in a show I wrote. That was because I couldn't stop him."
- George S. Kaufman

"Groucho Marx is the only true revolutionary anarchist in the world today. The most influential people who have ever lived are Jesus Christ, and Groucho Marx,
and not necessarily in that order."
- David Steinberg

"George Kaufman and I wrote a lot of funny lines for Groucho, some of which he occasionally used...but it was Groucho who by his innate sense of timing and his inimitable delivery, added the ingredient that brought the house down. Thanks for the royalties, Groucho."
- Morrie Ryskind

"An interesting fact about Groucho is that he doesn't know when he's being funny. At Carnegie Hall, he couldn't understand why the audience roared with laughter
when he was scratched by a duck.
P.S. Groucho just called and denied the whole thing. Apparently he does
know when he's being funny."
- Arthur Sheekman

"If only I were 40 years older!"
- Candice Bergan

"To my dear good friend--keep warm."
- Charles Chaplin

"Some years back, after a childhood of preocupation with comedy that led me to observing the styles of all the great comedians, I came to the conclusion that Groucho Marx was the best comedian this country ever produced. Now I am more convinced than ever that I was right. I can't think of a comedian who combined a totally original physical conception that was hilarious with a matchless verbal delivery. I believe there is a natural inborn greatness in Groucho that defies close analysis as it does with any genuine artist. He is simply unique in the same way that Picasso or Stravinsky are and I believe his outrageous unsentimental disregard for order will be equally as funny a thousand years from now. In addition to all this, he makes me laugh."
- Woody Allen

Ces citations sont tirées de l’album "An Evening With Groucho" paru en 1972.