You Bet Your Life

"Hello, I must be going"

At last we are to meet him,
The famous Captain Spaulding.
From climates hot and scalding,
The Captain has arrived.
Most heartily we'll greet him,
With plain and fancy cheering.
Until he's hard of hearing.
The Captain has arrived.
At last - The Captain has arrived.

Mr. Horatio W. Jamison, Field Secretary to Captain Spaulding.

I represent the Captain who insists on my informing you of these conditions under which he camps here. In one thing he is very strict, he wants his women young and picked and as for men, he won't have any tramps here.

As for men he won't have any tramps here,
There must be no tramps.

The men must all be very old,
The women warm, the champagne cold.
It's under these conditions that he camps here.

(Voice off Screen)
I'm announcing Captain Jeffery Spaulding.

He's announcing Captain Jeffery Spaulding,
Oh dear, he is coming,
At last he's here.

Hello, I must be going,
I cannot stay, I came to say, I must be going.
I'm glad I came, but just the same I must be going.
La La.

(Mrs. Rittenhouse/Margaret Dumont)
For my sake you must stay.
If you should go away,
You'd spoil this party I am throwing.

I'll stay a week or two,
I'll stay the summer through,
But I am telling you,
I must be going.

Before you go,
Will you oblige us,
And tell us of your deeds so glowing?

I'll do anything you say,
In fact I'll even stay!


But I must be going.